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How to Burn 100 Calories in Minutes

Posted on April 17, 2018 in Healthy Living

how to burn 100 calories

Can you think of how to burn 100 calories, besides running a mile? Step outside of the gym and get fit—quick! Here are some easy ways to burn calories:

1. Ride a horse.

Sure, it may seem like the horse is doing all of the work. But posting at a medium trot is no easy task and can make your legs feel like they’re on fire. Horseback riding is great for strengthening your quadriceps, glutes and abdominal muscles.

100 calories burned in 12 minutes

2. Reorganize your garage.

Just another day organizing boxes is actually great for your body. Challenge yourself by turning this chore into a crazy workout. Build your arm and shoulder muscles, while igniting your quads and glutes. Tip: Always bend at the knees and use your legs to lift the load. This will help protect your back. Lots of household chores burn more calories than you might think!

100 calories burned in 10 minutes

3. Take the stairs

Sometimes climbing to the tenth floor is too much for the early workday. Here are some incentives that may change your mind: Stair stepping strengthens your legs and raises your heart rate. If you work in a high-rise, consider walking halfway and then taking the elevator. Or, take 15 minutes out of your lunch break to get your climb on!

100 calories burned in 10 minutes

Remember: Good oral health relates to good overall health. In addition to exercising, take care of your teeth to keep in tiptop shape.

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