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Shape Up and Smile: 3 Workout Alternatives You Haven't Tried Yet

By Jill Feilmeier on May 5, 2015 in Healthy Living

Playing volleyball

A recent study with more than 12,000 participants observed the effects of exercise on overall dental health. Those who exercised and ate nutritiously showed healthier gums and fresher breath, even first thing in the morning, when compared to the non-exercising control group.

For those of us who dread the thought of entering a gym — or trying to find the time to go to one – think outside of the box! Nobody said one workout fits all.

Try these 3 unique routines to pump you (and your interest level) up:

1. Run a (dance) fever.

If running on the treadmill sounds worse than running your nails on a chalkboard, bust a move with this new body-boosting trend – treadmill dancing! Break out the beats and hip-hop your way to a healthier you! Get routine inspiration.

2. Kill 2 “chores” with 1 stone.

Many view a daily workout as a chore. Why not turn 2 tasks into one? Go for the housework burn! The more effort you put into cleaning, the more calories you'll burn. One easy strategy is to alternate your housework between levels. For example, vacuum the basement carpet, and then make the bed upstairs. The constant stair climbing will ensure a spick and span sweat session.

3. Cirque du sweat.

Trapeze workouts are soaring in popularity. There's no wonder why – trapeze training focuses on multiple muscle groups at the same time. With more than 100 training schools in the U.S. alone, it's easy to swing into the trapeze world. If you'd rather trap in the comfort of your own home, try one of these swing slings.

Have a killer way you stay in shape? Let us know your favorites in the comments section below, or share with your friends! Let the smile revolution begin .