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4 Reasons Why It's Easy Being Green

By Caroline Jacobson on March 12, 2015 in Just for Kicks

4 Reasons Why It's Easy Being Green

A wise frog once told us, “It's not easy being green.” Well, no offense Kermit, but we have to disagree. There are so many emerald wonders to enjoy!

Forget 4-leaf clovers. Here are 4 shamrockin' selections — guaranteed to fill your body and smile with lots 'o luck:

  1. Sugarless Mint Gum: Chew on this – Besides its fresh taste; sugarless gum can protect your teeth. How? The sticky stuff increases saliva flow to help wash away food debris. Look for a gum containing xylitol, a sugarless sweetener that suppresses bacteria. If you're not stuck on the idea of gum, refresh your smile supply with a spearmint paste and pack of floss. Your minty mouth will get you a pot of gold kisses…even if you're not Irish!
  1. Green Exercise: The top 'o the morning doesn't seem so dim anymore. Spring is only a few days away! Get outside for a merry jog and enjoy the budding greenery. Your body, mouth and mood will thank you. Need extra motivation? Pretend you're trying to catch that Leprechaun.
  1. Green Tea: This steamy beverage is a smile superstar. Green tea contains bacteria-fighting polyphenols. These substances help prevent tooth-attacking acids. Extra luck to those who brew their tea with fluoridated water.
  1. Leafy Greens: Believe it or not, leafy vegetables are luckier than leafy clovers. These veggies promote good digestion and also make a magical mouth. For example, green goodies like spinach and kale require a lot of chewing. Chewing increases saliva flow, which is a wonderful (natural) way to kick plaque to the curb.

Follow our suggestions to enjoy a green-with-envy, luck-filled, pinch-free St. Patrick's Day!