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7 Tiny Tips to Make Your Small Space Work

By Caroline Jacobson on July 7, 2016 in Just for Kicks

Tiny houses. Apartments. Vacation vehicles. Whether you're renting or residing in reduced-size real estate, maximizing small spaces has become the post-recession preference.

But with shrunken square footage, odds are you only have one bathroom. When you can't expand your space, you need to expand your ideas. These seven hacks will maximize even the littlest lavatories:

1. Hidden Cabinet Storage

Tiny Tips 1.Hidden Cabinet Storage

Use Velcro to attach cups to the inside door of a vanity. *This DIY is safe only if you store non-toxic items in under-cabinet storage.

2. Grip Clips

Tiny Tips 2.Grip Clips

Electric brushes are bulky, which means they require extra space. Mount large grip clips on the overhead vanity to secure toothbrushes.

3. Personalized Wall Cubes

Tiny Tips 3.Personalized Wall Cubes

Floating shelves save space and add some fun to the walls. Drill a hole at the bottom of each cube to give toothbrushes a home.

4. Test Tubes

Tiny Tips 4.Test Tubes

You're supposed to store your brush upright and solo, so these test tubes look trendy while minimizing germs.

5. Magnet Strip

Tiny Tips 5.Magnet Strip

Say goodbye to cups with tipping toothbrushes! Mount a magnet strip to the wall and glue a small magnet to each brush.

6. Door Bookshelf

Tiny Tips 6.Over the Door Bookshelf

Store extra toothbrushes and toiletries on a bookshelf above the door. The doorframe will help support the weight of the items. Extras work for forgetful houseguests and for when you need a replacement toothbrush (approximately every three months).

7. Share a Toothbrush

But only if it's an electric one! Save space with one base and multiple brush heads.

Once your toothbrush is out of the way, how do you keep it clean? Before you begin your bathroom hacks, make sure you:

• Flush only when the toilet seat is down.

• Store your toothbrush upright and alone.

• Brush at least three feet away from the toilet.