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Make Your Mom Smile – 5 Gift Ideas

By Jill Feilmeier on May 9, 2013 in Just for Kicks

Daughter giving mom a kiss on the cheek

Mother's Day is right around the corner! If you are still searching for the perfect gift to show mom your love, here are five gift ideas that are sure to make her smile:

Gift card- Gift cards are always great last minute gift ideas; this year consider one she can really sink her teeth into. A gift certificate to a dental spa will help her unwind and relax while showing her pearly whites some love, plus it's a nice way to thank her for taking care of your chompers!

Bed and Breakfast- Maybe you don't remember your terrible two's, but you can bet your mom still does. What better way to thank her on Mother's Day than giving her a few nights of R&R and so she can finally “hear herself think!”

Chocolate- A staple in almost every mom's diet, chocolate is good for the heart and the soul, and is even dentist recommended. Don't hurt your mom's teeth by giving her sugary candy, dentists recommend chocolate instead. It dissolves much quicker and is more tooth friendly.

Offer your help- Your mom has spent your whole life picking up after you, cleaning the house, and making sure you had nutritious meals. Give her some love this year by cooking her dinner – and staying to clean up afterwards. Not sure your cooking and cleaning skills are up to par? I'm sure no mom would balk at ordering in, or hiring a cleaning service to give your mom a break.

A special note– Sometimes all your mom needs is some kind words from the heart. If none of these gifts seem to fit quite right, consider sitting down with a pen and paper and reminding her how important she is! You don't have to be poet or a writer to tell her how you feel – remember she displayed those preschool art projects proudly on the refrigerator.

Whether your mom's a bit quirky or the sweetest person you know, don't forget to show her some love this Mother's day – after all she has done a lot for you!