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After-School Snacks for Every Schedule

By Jill Feilmeier on August 18, 2015 in Kid's Health

Now that the kids are back-to-school, here are some snack ideas to keep them performing their best!

Back-to-school season signals sports, schedules and one other important staple — snacks.

If you hear, “I'm hungry!” the second your child hops in the car, you're in good company. It's common for kids to have an appetite after school. School-aged children eat early in the day, oftentimes before noon. It's no wonder they crave mid-afternoon munchies!

It's important for your kids to have perfectly portioned snacks – you want them to feel satisfied without spoiling their dinner. A nutritious diet, including both meals and snacks, aids in strong bones, teeth and gums.

Your kids may be in the same family, but it doesn't mean they're on the same schedule.

Here are 3 smile-worthy snacks perfect* for every pick-up:

*Click the links to learn how certain foods benefit growing bodies and smiles.

Carpool Line Snacks

Although it's important to pack a tooth-friendly snack, make sure it's car approved too! Stick to dry snacks in plastic baggies:

• Non-messy fruits, like grapes or apple slices

• Nuts mixed with dried fruit

• String or cubed cheese

At Home Snacks

If school is close to the kitchen, why not skip the car food and savor snack time at home? Before you start dinner, cook up one of these creative snacks:

 Goat Cheese and Veggie Pinwheels, filled with zucchini, carrots and whole grains. This snack staple will keep tummies full and smiles healthy.

• Homemade hummus, served with pita chips and broccoli

After-Sport Snacks

Little athletes have big appetites! Fuel your all-stars with these post-practice pleasers:

• Soy Nut Clusters, loaded with protein

• Vitamin-rich fruits, such as oranges or bananas

For more quick, healthy snack ideas, check out our Delta Dental Pinterest Boards.