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Easter Bunny Gets a Raise

By Jill Feilmeier on April 5, 2012 in Kid's Health

First we learned the Tooth Fairy felt the economic struggles last year, and now we hear the Easter Bunny got a raise! The Easter Bunny didn't officially get a raise, but his signature holiday sure is reaping the benefits from an increase in candy and retail spending.

Easter spending is expected to increase by 11 percent this year. Unseasonable warmer weather has given everyone spring fever earlier than in previous years. Easter candy spending, in particular, is forecasted to rise to $20.35 from $18.55 in 2011. That is a lot of candy!

Children tend to have a fondness for Easter, particularly because of the all the wonderful candy that lines the shelves of the discount stores in the weeks leading up to the holiday. With chocolate bunnies weighing up to 6 pounds, and an overwhelming amount of pastel Peeps tempting your child, what's a parent to do?!

While these treats excite young children, parents and dentists alike worry about the lasting effects of the sugar overload. Easter candy is some of the most sugar packed candy out there. A standard serving of marshmallow Peeps has 36 grams of sugar! Imagine lining up 36 cubes of sugar and letting your child consume them as dessert.

Parents should be conscious about the amount of sugar they allow their children on this day of candy. Instead of filling their Easter baskets with Peeps and chocolate bunnies, try substituting one or two of the candy treats with the much healthier options listed below.

–        Fruit flavored tic-tacs

–        Fruit flavored sugar free gum

–        Mott's low sugar 100% juice boxes

You can always buy non-candy items such as coloring books, crayons, books, toy cars, and inexpensive jewelry to fill their Easter baskets. Using these substitutes can help your child's mouth remain healthy through the heavy candy holiday. Happy Easter!