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Hooray for National Tooth Fairy Day!

By Jill Feilmeier on August 21, 2014 in Kid's Health

girl missing teeth smaller

On August 22nd we celebrate everyone's favorite tooth-collector – the Tooth Fairy! And because she's so nice, we celebrate her twice! National Tooth Fairy Day also occurs in February. The Tooth Fairy must be a pretty big deal to have two holidays in a year. Well, she is!

It's also a big deal when your child loses a baby tooth, and it should be celebrated accordingly. Leaving gifts from the Tooth Fairy is a great way to help make losing teeth less scary and more enjoyable for kids. We encourage parents to talk about the Tooth Fairy's visits as a way to discuss good oral health even before a child loses their first tooth. After all, there's nothing that makes the Tooth Fairy happier than healthy teeth! Whether it's their first, second or tenth tooth, here are three ways to go all out when a tooth falls out:

  1. Give oral health gifts. In 2013, the Tooth Fairy left cash for 98% of the homes she visited. It's obvious she's notorious for leaving money, but isn't it time she left dental health surprises too? Gift your child with a new toothbrush and toothpaste that feature their favorite cartoon character. Books also make for fun tooth-themed trinkets. There are dozens of children's books about Tooth Fairy adventures that can add to the Tooth Fairy excitement.
  1. Get crafty and make a DIY Tooth Fairy pillow. Gone are the days of worrying about not being able to find the tiny tooth under your child's pillow. Never fear – this fun-sized pillow will make it 'fairy' easy for the Tooth Fairy to find your child’s lost tooth!
  1. A personalized note and certificate from the Tooth Fairy can be just as exciting as a gift. It gives your little one a sense of accomplishment, and encourages him or her continue taking care of that beautiful smile. Visit to download letters, certificates and more!

Visit the Original Tooth Fairy Poll website for even more ideas on how to make your child's Tooth Fairy experience sparkle!