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Diversity Equity and Inclusion Plan

The Foundation envisions a world where health equity is a reality.  Health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to attain their full health potential.  To achieve this goal, the Foundation will focus on building and supporting systemic solutions to address health inequities to create fair and just opportunities to health for all Iowans.

The Foundation recognizes that a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is at the core of our work. We believe that achieving equitable outcomes in our grantmaking is critical to improving the health and smiles of all Iowans.

We also believe that advancing to true equity is an ongoing process and is not something we can simply ‘check the box and move on’ from, or will ‘get right’ or perfect. As a learning organization, working to advance equity will require our commitment to continuous growth and learning, which is at our core. We will continue to develop and refine this plan, work to become a more open and trust-based funder, refine our own practices, learn publicly and invite our partners and grantees to engage with us along the way. 

We invite you to review the Foundation’s 2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Workplan and Report. This document outlines steps we've taken on this learning journey, and what we will continue to focus on into the next year and beyond. 

The Foundation welcomes your feedback on ways we can continue to improve this plan as we work to strengthen and transform the health and smiles of all Iowans. Provide Feedback to the DEI Plan