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Foundation Funding

Funding Portfolio 

The Foundation will invest in activities that promote health and smiles for all Iowans through our core initiatives, oral health, oral and overall health integration and overall health through an equity lens.

  • Oral Health Fund is where the majority of our funding will be concentrated, which will continue to support pioneering approaches to advance oral health care and the integration of oral health with overall health.
  • Wellness Community Fund promotes and invests in innovative opportunities to improve wellness and vision through grassroots community health initiatives.

Both funds provide support to programs that align with the Foundation’s strategic areas of focus: education and advocacy, access and prevention, and policy and research

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Foundation's grant guidelines*. The Foundation will be hosting virtual information sessions in July 2023 to discuss the grant guidelines and ways to partner. Learn more and register here

Grant Guidelines Cover

System and Capacity Building Grants

Grants over $50,000 to support large infrastructure and major system change efforts related to the Foundation's core initiatives. Letters of interest for this grant program in 2023 are due March 1 and September 1. Following review by a grant committee, proposals  approved to move forward will be invited to present to the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation Board of Directors. Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Foundation staff prior to applying.  

Community of Health Grants

$5,001-$50,000, for investments in projects that advance the Foundation's core initiatives, align with the three strategic areas of focus, and with one of of the following priority funding areas:

  • Innovation: support for initiatives that pilot new approaches, solutions, spark new learnings or a larger initiative focused on strengthening and/or transforming our core initiatives.
  • Strengthening the Sector: support for nonprofit organizations and coalitions focused on addressing oral and overall health inequities, through projects to assist organizational strategy and operational planning as well as other capacity building efforts of marginalized groups. Examples include public health, oral, vision and mental health systems, federally qualified health centers, rural communities, and health engagement efforts of LGBTQ+, culturally specific, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color).
  • Community Change: support for grassroot, collaborative, community-led systems change efforts focused on solving key issues identified by the community, that align with the Foundation’s core initiatives. The intent of this grant is to elevate the work of community stakeholders to engage in a way that provides greater scale and impact.

Spring cycle deadline - March 1 and Fall cycle deadline - September 1

Smile Grants

$5,000 or less, these grants are designed to support short-term projects that are primarily educational in nature such as providing educational materials or supplies related to the Foundation's core initiatives. Applications open in January and accepted on an ongoing basis until all funds are allocated. 

*All Smile Grant funding has been allocated at this time. Please check back in January 2024 for additional Smile Grant opportunities.

Rethink Your Drink

The Rethink Your Drink program aims to get more Iowans drinking water throughout the day to support their oral and overall health.

  • Schools: Iowa schools have the opportunity to receive a new water fountain/bottle filling station for their school. Priority will be given to schools that have one or fewer water bottle filling stations in their school building and that have a free and reduced price lunch status of 50% or greater. Application deadline for schools is March 1.
  • Outdoor Stations: Staring in 2022, outdoor water filling stations are available for communities to install along trails and in public parks. Priority will be given to community projects with construction timelines that are best aligned with requirements needed for installation. Outdoor water filling stations are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year until all funds are allocated. 

*All Rethink Your Drink funds for 2023 have been allocated. Please check back late January 2024 for your next opportunity. 

Click here to learn more

Toothbrush Donations

This program is designed for oral health projects requesting toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss needed to support oral health programs. 

Applications will be accepted from nonprofit organizations on a rolling basis throughout the year and must include an oral health education component. 

The Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation team is eager to learn more about your work and explore how we might partner to strengthen and transform the health and smiles of all Iowans. Contact our Foundation Team to schedule a time talk.