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I Scream, You Scream, Your Teeth Scream for Ice Cream!

Posted on July 21, 2015 in Dental Health

Ice cream is America's favorite dessert! Your teeth might not be fond of all the sugar, but you don't have to skip this summer treat:

Ice cream is the cherry on top of the dessert sundae. In fact, ice cream is the most popular dessert in America. So what makes a scoop so sinfully sweet? Unfortunately, We tend to crave our ice cream treats because most commercial ice creams are high in fat content and added sugar.

But icy treats don't have to be full of sugar and fat! While your pearly whites aren't fond of the sugar in ice cream, they love the calcium, a key nutrient for building and maintaining strong teeth and bones. By not getting enough calcium, you may also be increasing your risk for gum disease.

Finding a healthier version of ice cream or creating your own may sound intimidating, but is much easier than you think. Look for options like our favorites below that have lower sugar and reduced fat:

° Smile-worthy Sherbert.

Every day is sherbert day with fresh fruit and a few other healthy ingredients. Whip up a sorbet base and add your favorite frozen fruit. Delight your pearly whites – pick a sorbet star with a high-water content, such as pears or apples.

° Go Bananas!

These banana split bites are a tooth-healthy twist on a summer classic. The dessert-on-a-stick features fruit, nut “sprinkles” and a coat of chocolate. Though chocolate may not be sugar-free, it is one of the best sweets for your teeth. It dissolves quickly in the mouth, which decreases the amount of time sugar touches, or can stick to, your teeth.

° Get your Greek on.

Greek yogurt is typically lower in sugar and fat, and it also contains body-enhancing probiotics. According to a new study, probiotic ice cream may even help boost kids' dental health. Making your own Greek frozen yogurt is simple and will be so creamy you'll barely notice the reduced sugar. Try this basic vanilla bean recipe for a flavorful and protein-packed treat.

Have a healthy go-to ice cream you love or created an unbeatable homemade recipe? Share in our comment section below!