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MythBusters: Dental Insurance Edition

Posted on February 25, 2016 in Insurance

Male patient sitting in a dentist chair

After 248 episodes, 2950 experiments, 1050 myths, and 900 explosions, MythBusters is coming to a close, but we're just beginning! There's a lot of misinformation about dental benefits, and it's hard to decode what's true and what's fabricated. We're channeling our inner Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to debunk five common dental benefits myths:

1. Myth: I have health insurance, so dental care is covered.

It may seem odd, but oftentimes health insurance will not cover dental procedures. Dental and health benefits operate in different ways. The two may be used together at some point, but often you use one or the other. For example, the oral surgery anesthesia services may be covered under your medical insurance, but your oral surgeon would be covered by your dental benefits.

2. Myth: My teeth are healthy, so I don't need dental coverage.

Insuring your smile is a smart choice, even if you have tip-top teeth. People with dental coverage are more likely to visit the dentist and report higher levels of overall wellbeing.

3. Myth: I can't afford dental insurance.

Though it's true financial stress is the number one reason people opt out of dental coverage, insurance doesn't have to break the bank. Learn what plan fits your needs and budget.

And it's worth it! The cost of restorative care far exceeds the cost of preventative treatment.

4. Myth: I can see any dentist I want now that I have dental benefits.

Though you're free to see any dental provider you please, your insurance may not cover treatments if a dentist is out-of-network. Find an in-network dentist before you schedule your appointment.

5. Myth: Dental insurance covers all treatments and procedures.

Insurance is designed to save you money, but there's no such thing as free coverage. Before you head to the dentist, make sure you understand what your benefit plan covers by reviewing your summary plan description or requesting a predetermination of benefits from your dentist. Please contact us if you have any questions on understanding of your plan coverage!

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