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The Best Wearable Fitness Trackers for Kids

By Caroline Jacobson on August 8, 2017 in Kid's Health

Kids’ Wellness Tracker

From steps to sleep, kids’ wellness trackers can keep your little ones healthy. Besides the obvious fun factor, why should you consider giving your kids wellness trackers?

Kids ages 1-5 need to be active for a minimum of 3 hours each day. And school-aged children need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day. Even babies need exercise in the form of tummy time and floor-based play.

Are your little ones active enough? Here are 5 wellness trackers to keep kids motivated, happy, and healthy:

Garmin vivofit JR.

This device tracks all elements of your child’s overall health—including sleep, steps and heart rate. Set up task timers—perfect for making the bed or brushing their teeth. This waterproof device comes in patterns we wish they made in adult size. The battery rarely has to be charged, as it has a lifespan of 1 year! Not only does it track steps, it tracks sleep so you can make sure they’re getting the rest they need.


Instead of just monitoring movement, this device turns fitness into a game. Designed for kids 5-12, Geopalz rewards milestones with prizes and online game time. Best of all, its software is compatible with Nike and FitBit devices, so the whole family can track together!

Pardkids Fitness Tracker

Suited for swimmers, this waterproof tracker monitors activity in and out of the pool. The Pardkids tracker can also measure laps and perfect stroke posture.

Kidizoom Smart Watch

This VTech watch automatically tracks your kids’ physical activity and has games that encourage even more movement. Why will kids want to wear it? They can snap selfies with its built-in camera.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit families can get their kids into the action with the Fitbit Zip. This small, clip-on model is perfect for kids, tweens and teens. Share progress and partake in some family-friendly competition.

Have your kids tried any of these wellness trackers? Let us know in the comments section!