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5 Reasons to Schedule Dental and Vision Checkups Now

Posted on January 13, 2021 in Healthy Living

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Skipping dental and vision checkups may seem harmless but doing so can cause some serious damage to your health!

Making regular visits to your dentist or optometrist is important! Regular preventive visits help keep you on top of any issues with your oral and vision health. Did you know that, in addition to checking on your teeth and eyes, dentists and optometrists can spot the symptoms of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease through regular exams?

Top reasons to schedule dental and vision checkups

Here are five reasons to schedule dental and vision appointments today:

Avoid dental and vision emergencies

Maintaining regular checkups with your dentist and optometrist may help you prevent emergency dental or vision issues. Avoid trips to the emergency room for things like infection from a broken tooth or sudden vision loss by seeing your dental and vision health professionals regularly.

Schedule appointments to help you get into a routine 

Once you start booking appointments it will be easier to get into a routine to continue to do so. Look at your calendar and schedule all your required preventive care appointments right now – in addition to dental and vision appointments, maybe it’s time for your annual physical or other specialty appointments. Scheduling appointments early will help you finish the upcoming year knowing you’re on track for all your preventive care.

Reduce the risk of developing cancer

Regular dental and vision checkups can help reduce your risk of developing cancer, such as oral or eye cancer. Your dentist and optometrist can spot early signs of the diseases during preventive exams. In many cases, cancer that is caught early has a better chance of successful treatment.

Regular dental and vision checkups save money

Going to regular preventive dental and vision checkups can help you keep the money in your wallet. This is because your dentist or optometrist will be able to diagnose and treat any dental or vision problems before they become costly issues. In many cases, these preventive checkups are covered if you have dental insurance or vision insurance.

Checkups give you peace of mind

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is especially true when it comes to dental and vision health. Attending regular checkups with your dentist and optometrist helps give you the peace of mind that your oral and eye health are being monitored and any serious problems will likely be caught early.

Scheduling dental or vision checkups is easy

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*Updated December 2022