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5 Reasons to Schedule Dental and Vision Checkups Now

Posted on January 13, 2021 in Healthy Living

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A fresh start. A clean slate. A new chapter. However you describe it, January 2021 is here and, yes, the pandemic is still here, too. But despite the necessary mitigation efforts for COVID-19, we can still maintain proactive health practices like exercise, stress management, eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and scheduling and keeping your preventive health care checkups.

Why is seeing your dentist and optometrist so important? Maintaining your regular preventive visits helps keep you on top of any issues with your oral and vision health. Did you know that, in addition to checking on your teeth and eyes, dentists and optometrists can spot the symptoms of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease through regular exams?

If you are already thinking about excuses as to why you can’t make and keep these preventive appointments, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Here are 5 reasons to schedule dental and vision appointments today:

  1. AVOID EMERGENCIES: Our routines were completely disrupted in 2020 by COVID-19 and you may have missed a checkup or two. By maintaining regular checkups with your dentist and optometrist, you may avoid emergency dental or vision issues. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s not ideal to have to visit the emergency room or urgent care clinic seeking treatment for an infection from a broken tooth or concerns about sudden vision loss.. (That being said, if you are injured or are encountering sudden illness or pain, please seek care.)
  2. GET INTO THE GROOVE: While your preventive care routines may have been disrupted in 2020, now is the time to get back on track with your regular preventive appointments. Look at your calendar and schedule all of your required preventive care appointments right now – in addition to dental and vision appointments, maybe it’s time for your annual physical or other specialty appointments. Schedule them in January so your calendar is blocked and you can finish 2021 knowing you are back on track.   
  3. SCREEN TIME: Early in the pandemic (April 2020) Parents Together conducted a survey of parents that showed almost half of the respondents (48%) reported their children were spending more than six hours per day on screens. That was an increase of nearly 500% from pre-pandemic! Adults, too, have spent more time on screens substituting video calls for face-to-face meetings and conferences and Zooming with family and friends. Digital eyestrain can cause eye discomfort, headaches and vision changes. Now’s the time to check your vision for changes.
  4. TEETH GRINDING: Dentists are seeing an increase in teeth grinding, called bruxism, due to the stress of COVID-19. Jaw pain, tooth pain, headaches and the weakening of teeth can all result from this unconscious habit which most often happens while sleeping. An appointment with your dentist can identify this and other issues and potentially save you from increasing pain and problems.
  5. IT’S SAFE: Dentists and optometrists are carefully following all Centers for Disease Control and Iowa Department of Public Health guidelines for providing care. Everyone who works in your dentist’s or optometrist’s offices will be wearing appropriate protective personal equipment. Many offices have installed additional air filtration systems and are maintaining even more rigorous disinfecting schedules. Less than 1% of U.S. dentists contracted COVID in the early months of the pandemic, according to a report published in November 2020 by the Journal of the American Dental Association. Contact your dentist and optometrist and ask about their COVID-19 safe visit protocols.

Get a jump on your 2021 health goals by scheduling those dental and vision appointments now. Maintaining your preventive health care appointments can help you avoid emergency situations that can cause other issues. The stress of 2020 may have impacted your health in negative ways, but you can turn that around in the new year. Get back on track with your important preventive care checkups by scheduling them today!

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