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dentist examining child

Using Your Benefits

Your Hawki dental benefits include comprehensive dental care that includes exams, cleanings, cavity repair and more. Taking care of your children's teeth is a good way to ensure they stay happy and healthy. 

Dentist Appointments
To find a dentist that accepts Hawki members visit the Find a Dentist page.

The ID printed on the front of the card will be used by your provider to file claims with Delta Dental.  Make sure you are visiting a dentist participating in the Delta Dental network and tell the dentist you are a Hawki member covered by Delta Dental. For orthodontic visits, make sure you visit a Hawki orthodontic network dentist.

If you have questions regarding this information or any other questions related to your dental coverage, please contact us at 800-544-0718. 

For More Information on Hawki Dental Coverage

More information on Hawki dental coverage can be found on