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A new way to support your employees

Caregiving can be more than a full-time job for employees. According to a 2020 AARP report, nearly 1 in 5 U.S. workers are also providing care to an ill, aging or special-needs adult. Caregiving stress affects the mental, physical and financial health of employees, but many remain silent about their situation for fear of losing their job or missing out on a promotion.

To help support employees, Delta Dental is excited to offer Caregiven - a mobile app that provides support through a caregiving experience. Be one of a limited number of companies to offer Caregiven to your employees for a no-cost trial. 

Offer Caregiven to your employees!

Caregiven provides anytime/anywhere access to the resources, tools and support to help navigate the important journey of caring for an aging or ailing adult. The Caregiven app can help your employees manage the mental, physical and financial demands of caring for another adult.   

Delta Dental of Iowa is excited to offer new ways to support Iowa employees! If you are interested in joining the trial, complete the form below. We’ll be in touch with more details and how you can roll out the app to your employees.

Raise your hand!

Complete the form below. Don’t wait – there’s a limited number of spots and the trial period only lasts through December 31, 2024. Sign up now and get the most value by receiving Caregiven for free for the rest of the year.