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Enhance Your Plan for Better Health

Delta Dental’s flexibility includes available wellness benefits that can help you and your employees reduce costs.

  • The To GoSM - Annual Maximum Carryover benefit helps employees better plan for treatment in subsequent years by carrying over unused annual maximums from one year to the next.
  • The Enhanced Benefits Program integrates the science of medical conditions with oral health, saving you money by directing preventive care where it's needed most. Compared with other carriers, you’ll find Delta Dental’s Enhanced Benefits Program covers more conditions:
    • Pregnancy
    • Periodontal disease
    • High-risk cardiac conditions
    • Suppressed immune systems
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer, chemotherapy and/or radiation
    • Kidney failure or dialysis
  • With CheckUp PlusSM, checkups and cleanings don’t count towards annual benefit maximums, encouraging employees to seek preventive services while leaving more dollars for major services if needed.

  • And, with Delta Dental, corrective orthodontia and orthodontic treatment in progress coverage can be included in plans.