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Employee Legal Matters Covered

Business owners now have access to more coverage options for their employees. Delta Dental partnering with ARAG®  to offer a comprehensive legal insurance plan that: 

  • Provides members with 100% paid-in-full coverage on network attorney fees for most covered matters.
  • Includes added features like Identity Theft Protection — for two solutions in one.
  • Is now available to employees of small businesses (formerly only offered to employees of large companies).

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Why legal insurance?

Employees and their families face many legal matters in life, from the things they plan for, like buying a home, to the unexpected, such as a traffic ticket or a contractor dispute. Many times they don’t realize how an attorney could help make things easier, but instead, spend their own time and money trying to resolve the issue — which impacts their overall well-being and productivity at work. 

It's a win-win situation

Legal insurance means added protection and peace of mind for employees — and a more productive workforce for you. See how offering a legal insurance plan can create a win-win situation for all involved.

Employee wins

  • Financial savings. Avoid costly attorney fees or excessive retainers. By working with a network attorney, members won't pay any network attorney fees for most covered legal matters.
  • Time savings. Reduce the need to take time off from work to deal with a legal issue, including finding an attorney. Members can select a network attorney who lives near them, and practices in the needed area of law where they can help. 
  • Educational resources. Access to online educational legal resources and tools for all employees, empowering them to learn more about legal and financial matters on their own.
  • Health benefits. Promotes employee’s overall well-being by offering the ability to consult an attorney regarding legal issues which, in turn, helps lower employee stress levels and lessen frustrations commonly associated with unwelcome legal situations.
  • Job satisfaction. Having a choice in benefits—as well as a place to turn when needs arise—are critical components of job satisfaction.

Employer wins

  • Employee retention. A robust benefits package — one that provides unique benefits like legal insurance — can help address a wide variety of matters and can help reduce employee turnover.
  • Talent acquisition. With a comprehensive voluntary benefits package, employers can gain a competitive edge over other companies, attracting the best candidates for hard-to-fill positions.
  • Employee wellness. Legal plans give employees a tool to handle life’s legal events—thereby reducing stress and improving wellness.
  • Greater workplace productivity. A legal plan reduces stress, which impacts absenteeism: 72% of ARAG members did not have to take time off work to handle their legal situation. 1
  • Diverse, inclusive benefit that helps all your employees. Some ARAG legal plans give employees access to additional services that include credit monitoring, identity theft restoration, internet surveillance, financial counselors, tax services and services for parents and grandparents.

1 ARAG Stress Research Study, October 2022.