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Dual Network Powers Choice and Savings

Choosing a dentist in one of our two networks offers the greatest benefits and lowest out-of-pocket costs for your employees, plus deep discounts and predictable costs for your company.  We own our dentist networks, providing more control to ensure that our high-quality standards are met and costs are managed through pre-negotiated fees. With Delta Dental, network dentists never charge above the negotiated amount.

Delta Dental’s network is the largest in Iowa and the U.S., so your employees will have the widest choice of dentists — which most likely includes their current dentist. No other carrier in the U.S. comes close. Our affiliation with Delta Dental’s national network means your employees can use their benefits no matter where they are.  If employees need to select an out-of-network provider, we will provide benefits — just another reason we're different than other carriers.

Choose Your Network 

Select the Delta Dental Premier® network, our most popular network, when providing the widest choice of dentists is important. 90% of Iowa dentists and 80% of dentists nationwide participate in the Delta Dental Premier network.

Choose the Delta Dental PPO Plus PremierSM network when providing employees the option for lowest out-of-pocket costs is important to you in addition to dentist choice. Dentists participating in the Delta Dental PPOSM network provide services at an even greater discount than dentists in our Premier network. 40% of Iowa dentists participate in the Delta Dental PPO network.

The dual network plan leads to high network utilization, deeper service discounts and unmatched savings for employees and your company.

Source: Delta Dental Plans Association, 2016